Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wikis! (5)

After doing a group project on wikis, and creating a wiki for our project-- I find myself thinking, wikis are pretty cool!

Wikis are collaborative, interactive, exciting, and a lot of fun.
I think wikis are the perfect tool for libraries, and an excellent way to organize staff resources, develop new ides, reach patrons, provide subject lists, bibliographies, organizes web sources, and really, the list is endless for the many uses of wikis.

The best thing about wikis, is that anyone can use them. They are easy to figure out, and simple to participate in.

Though there are potentials for misuse of wikis....Colbert and Wikipedia...there are always many security options when setting up your own wiki where you can determine who is able to contribute.

A great thing too, is that even though information is constantly being changed, there is always a history kept of the changes. No information is ever lost, so it is an excellent and simple way to keep an archive of the changes without having to worry or think about it.

Wikis are exciting! Wikis are the future! I hope more libraries and archives will start taking advantage of the many amazing uses of wikis!


Blogger K Tucker said...

That Colbert wikipedia skit makes me laugh my librarian-butt off!

But sadly, funny as that is, it does actually point out a real problem. How can we really ensure that the information in wikipedia articles hasn't been altered in a non-factual sort of way, if not by people with actual vested interest in the article (like a politician removing info about a broken campain promise, for example) then by someone like Colbert who's just an ass?

11:47 AM  

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