Thursday, August 03, 2006

Attack of the Digital Monsters!! (4)

So the more I am learning about all of the excellent parts of the Internet that make up Web 2.0 (wikis, blogs, rss, podcasts, etc...etc...etc...), the more I realize we also need to be learning about the preservation, and protection of our valuable tools and content! Recently when I lost not only my Internet connection, but also my laptop, I experienced a panic not unlike and addict unable to get their "fix". The 5 days without a connection to the world (or my schoolwork!) left me wondering also about the rest of Web 2.0 and what is getting lost? What is anyone doing to preserve this digital world? What if someone pulled the big Internet plug, where would we all be?

Well, here are some answers, fear not!

There are many organizations out there working on preserving content for future generations and for preservation of the collective memory of our 2.0 generation.
The Library of Congress is one of them with their Digital Preservation Program out to protect digital content for future generations. A feat fit for superheroes, but it makes me feel safer knowing they are out there.

Internationally, there is the International Internet Preservation Consortium which takes on the extreme challenge of preserving the Internet content of the World!

One thing every 2.0 library should have is a Computer Contingency Plan or a Computer Disaster Plan!

With so many threats to digital access, digital preservation, and natural disaster threats (which seem unfortunately prevalent lately) the librarian 2.0 needs to be aware of the threats and know how to plan, prevent, and manage the variables that prey on the digital world.

Before libraries and archives jump onto the digital mega trend, they need to think about how to protect their information and ensure that access will be consistent, and protected from all disasters. Librarians are the superheroes of the world- taking on villains threatening access daily! They must not overlook defending the realm of the web where much of their digital information might be threatened and lost right before their eyes!


Blogger Mikey said...

Yes, this is quite an important issue especially for us Librarians. I wonder though if in looking at things for your post if you ran across any of the online projects that are attempting to do some of the same type of preservation, such as the Internet Archive which actually lets internet users upload their own content both for hosting as well as preservation.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I like the definition of a disaster from the ALA article, "A disaster is defined as a sudden misfortune that is ruinous to an undertaking." We do need to think of back up plans on how to run the library in case of a disaster like this. Sorry to hear you lost your laptop!

8:57 AM  

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