Sunday, August 13, 2006

A little Voodoo(6)

Here is the website I designed for my LIS753 class.
Voodoo Museum

Wikis! (5)

After doing a group project on wikis, and creating a wiki for our project-- I find myself thinking, wikis are pretty cool!

Wikis are collaborative, interactive, exciting, and a lot of fun.
I think wikis are the perfect tool for libraries, and an excellent way to organize staff resources, develop new ides, reach patrons, provide subject lists, bibliographies, organizes web sources, and really, the list is endless for the many uses of wikis.

The best thing about wikis, is that anyone can use them. They are easy to figure out, and simple to participate in.

Though there are potentials for misuse of wikis....Colbert and Wikipedia...there are always many security options when setting up your own wiki where you can determine who is able to contribute.

A great thing too, is that even though information is constantly being changed, there is always a history kept of the changes. No information is ever lost, so it is an excellent and simple way to keep an archive of the changes without having to worry or think about it.

Wikis are exciting! Wikis are the future! I hope more libraries and archives will start taking advantage of the many amazing uses of wikis!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Attack of the Digital Monsters!! (4)

So the more I am learning about all of the excellent parts of the Internet that make up Web 2.0 (wikis, blogs, rss, podcasts, etc...etc...etc...), the more I realize we also need to be learning about the preservation, and protection of our valuable tools and content! Recently when I lost not only my Internet connection, but also my laptop, I experienced a panic not unlike and addict unable to get their "fix". The 5 days without a connection to the world (or my schoolwork!) left me wondering also about the rest of Web 2.0 and what is getting lost? What is anyone doing to preserve this digital world? What if someone pulled the big Internet plug, where would we all be?

Well, here are some answers, fear not!

There are many organizations out there working on preserving content for future generations and for preservation of the collective memory of our 2.0 generation.
The Library of Congress is one of them with their Digital Preservation Program out to protect digital content for future generations. A feat fit for superheroes, but it makes me feel safer knowing they are out there.

Internationally, there is the International Internet Preservation Consortium which takes on the extreme challenge of preserving the Internet content of the World!

One thing every 2.0 library should have is a Computer Contingency Plan or a Computer Disaster Plan!

With so many threats to digital access, digital preservation, and natural disaster threats (which seem unfortunately prevalent lately) the librarian 2.0 needs to be aware of the threats and know how to plan, prevent, and manage the variables that prey on the digital world.

Before libraries and archives jump onto the digital mega trend, they need to think about how to protect their information and ensure that access will be consistent, and protected from all disasters. Librarians are the superheroes of the world- taking on villains threatening access daily! They must not overlook defending the realm of the web where much of their digital information might be threatened and lost right before their eyes!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Blogs take over the World! (3)

I have been looking at some other library and librarian blogs to try to see how they are emoting in this digital world, and have found quite an array of different blogs.

One of my favorites keeps me laughing and aware of proper librarian etiquette, check this blog out for some good laughs, Librarians Guide to Etiquette.

This fabulous blog What I Learned Today... covers everything we have been learning about in our class. Also, she links to an article about the Second Life library that we were discussing in class which also has a nice photo of the library.

Looking for blogs for libraries, or tips on how to use a blog in your library? This amazing website lists not only blogs from libraries and librarians around the world, but it also has a collection of articles providing ideas and advice on how to sucsessfully use blogs to promote your library.

There are so many librarian and library blogs out there, it started to get me wondering--- what about the archivists? Though my search is not done, I did find some very interesting blogs about digital history and archives.

This great blog, Endless Hybrids, Libraries and the Remix of Culture is worth checking out with many library related entries, and many other very interesting topics relating to the digital world.

Here is one excellent blog of note by a Canadian archivist, The Ten Thousand Year Blog, full of many amazing links relating to blogs, digital preservation, archives, information management, and more.

One more great blog,, Researching Access to Digital Archives explores the future of archiving, basically archives meeting the web 2.0.

Exploring all of these blogs is completely overwhelming.... One can get lost, spending hours and hours exploring this realm. It gets to a point where everything starts looking the same, I feel that the most sucessful blogs are those that capture the bloggers unique voice. The possibilities with blogging are endless!

Trading Card (2)

My creation
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A bit of history? (1)

Somehow I cannot get really excited about the history of the internet. It seems so new still, it is strange to think of it as having a history. Will the internet be as enduring as the history of the book or is it just a fad? Books have been extremely important and long-living since the first wax tablets and papyrus scrolls until present day. Hundreds and hundreds of years from now, will the internet still be going strong?

People are working on documenting the history of the internet by identifying creators, inventors, protocol implementers, and essentially everyone who has devoted the last 10 years to the development of the internet in all countries. This project, Who is Who in the Internet World, is making a strong effort in preserving the internet's history for future knowledge.

Do you want to know everything there is to know about the internet? Check out the Internet Society. Some areas of the website require membership, but there are some great links about internet history, laws, codes of conduct, statistics, and more. To view an amazing exhibit on the history of the internet, visit the Computer History Museum, and make sure to notice their excellent timeline.

I am wondering when we will all get internet chips implanted into our brains. If these trends continues, how long will it be until we live completely in a virtual world? Am I the only one who is not excited about this? Call me old fashioned, but I will still take a book over the internet anyday. The internet is amazing, its history still in the making, but I think what is most intriguing is what the future will hold, and how far the internet will continute to seep into and consume our lives.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Welcome to the Blog!

I always thought that a blog sounded pretty scary, like some new breed of monster related to the Blob, but, here I am starting one for my LIS573 class at Dominican University. My name is Heidi, and this blog will be used for my Internet Fundamentals and Design class with Michael Stephens.